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Environmental Policy

Objet Luxe we design and manufacture beautiful home accessories and gifts.
All the materials used in our production are sourced from sustainable sources and regulated suppliers. We only make merchandise made from CITES* listed species.


We predominately work in Mother of Pearl, Black and Brown lip shells, Kabibi shell, Pen shell, Abalone and Tiger shell. All these shells are by-products of the food and fishing industries in South East Asia. We only select the highest grade of shells for our production. The natural shells are hand coloured and polished by hand.


Today shagreen is made from farmed stingray skins. We use stingray skins from the species dasyatis bleekeri. These stingrays are fished in the seas of South Asia and Southeast Asia, where stingray is a staple food, however the skin is inedible. By carefully preserving the skins, they can be used as strong and decorative material.

*CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, otherwise known as the Washington Convention.