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How We Make – Processes

Lost Wax Casting

Firstly a design is hand carved to create an original model in wax. A mould of the sculpture is then taken by encasing it in plaster of paris and moulten metal is poured in to replace the wax and replicate the statue in metal.

In many cases we are creating individual sculptures to fit the variant sizes of the natural shells that we incorporate in our collection.

Shell Mozaic

Many of our items are made from hand applied shell mozaic and where applicable hand coloured to make them truly unique. In the mozaic process the small pieces of shell are veneered onto marine ply or resin base giving the item a smooth and even surface. Each piece is finally highly polished and buffed by hand before the metal embellishments are fitted.


Our small team of experts use their skills to hand select stingray skin which is first skivered to make it fine enough to use as a decorative surface for beautiful boxes, bowls or trays. The shagreen easily absorbs pigment applied by hand and results in beautiful and vibrant items.


Individual shells are selected to use in each creation based colour, size and primarily quality.